Hey The Listener fans, there is an upcoming panel for The Listener at the Canadian Comic Con, Fan Expo. This panel will take place on Saturday August 24, @ 4pm in room 206. Cast members who will appear are CRAIG OLEJNIK, LAUREN LEE SMITH, RAINBOW SUN FRANCKS, ENNIS ESMER and TARA SPENCER-NAIRN.

So if you have any questions to ask the cast or any concerns, this is the time to ask. Also a good time to show your support for the show. We need to let the fans be heard. For those of you who are unable to attend, hopefully you will be able to tweet your questions to the actors themselves. Another opinion is to post your question below and maybe someone who is attending will be able to ask it for you.

Time for The Listener fandom to show some support and love for our show.

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