Tia Tremblay
Tia Season 5
Season 3, 4, 5
Occupation News Reporter
First Appearance Crossed
Last Appearance
Affiliation Toby Logan (Boyfriend)
Appeared In
Status Alive
Actor Melanie Scrofano
Tia Tremblay is a new reporter who works for the newspaper, The Daily Record. She is currently dating Toby Logan.

Season 3Edit

She sneaks onto a crime scene and attempts to get more information on what happened. She is stopped by Toby though. She mentions that she has information about the victim, but is not heard and is removed from the crime scene. She heads to the IIB where she runs into Michelle and Toby and attempts to asks questions. Michelle leaves, and Toby attempts to get information out of Tia, but Tia doesn't give Toby anything. Toby finally decides to remove Tia from the IIB building. Throughout the season, their relationship starts to grow romantically.

Season 4Edit

In Blast from the Past, Tia is dating Toby and sits with him and his friends to watch a Walk Off The Earth performance. In The Blue Line, she and Toby are out for lunch as she talks to him about her day at work when she notices that Toby isn't listening. Toby talks to her about Michelle taking him to the family of a fallen officer and how it affects him, and Tia tells Toby that this is his stength. Tia mentions that most of Toby's conversation topics are "safe" and wants to know more about him.

In Early Checkout, Tia calls a friend up for being a no show and the friend promises to make it up to Tia.

In The Illustrated Woman, Toby tells Tia that he can read other people's minds and shows her how. She doesn't know how to react since he said he can't read hers. She left.

In The Long Con, Toby said that it had been 6 weeks after Tia left after he told her about his ability to read other peoples minds.

In Fatal Vision, Toby called Tia after he killed a man and was affected by PTSD. She came by and asked for a second chance. She told him that she wanted him to try reading her so she went off her meds. She thought, "Trust me, I love you, we can do this." He responded by telling her he loved her too.

Season 5Edit

In the first episode, Tia and Toby have moved into a new home together. When Toby arrived late for dinner, she figured out that he was working the "Snake Murders" case.


Toby is unable to read her mind due to the fact she has epilepsy and her meds slow down her brain function.


Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit

Season 5Edit

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