• Mind-reading is cool and all. But it's only the most basic aspect of telepathy, if not, it'd have simply been named "mind reading".

    So why couldn't the main character develop powerful abilities like attacking someone mentally or mind control? I think it'd have been great character development as his abilities progress and evolve. All while he meets others like him.

    The concept of the show is cool and all, and everything I've been looking for since I love this power. Especially since The Mentalist wasn't even about an actual telepath, and I really liked Matt Parkman from Heroes.

    But X-Men's telepaths will always be the best portrayal. I just wish people would stop limiting telepathy to just mind-reading and let it shine.

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    • That would have been cool ya. If The Listener had developed Toby's abilities more and explored that, it would have been interesting to watch. They did deal with the side effects up to season 2 but pushed it aside in favor of more crime solving.

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    • Telepathy is the best. Especially if it follows comics' portrayals of telepathy.

      Telepathy is really the CONNECTING of two minds, which allows for the direct transmission of information. 

      Abilities include the following:

      Mind reading - The most basic of telepathic ability; mistaken to be what telepathy is ONLY about

      Telepathic communication - Open a private psychic conversation with a group of people

      Mind control - Overwhelm another person's minds by pushing in commands

      Mind blasts - To send a blast of psychic energy from your own mind to overload another's in order to stun, render unconscious or kill a target. 

      Illusion projection - Project illusions into one's mind so as to allow them to experience events that are not actually occurring. 

      Memory manipulation - Digs deeps into one's mind to alter memories

      Mind wipe - Erase huge portions of one's memories. Or reducing one to a vegetable by taking away literally everything they've learned. 

      Dream manipulation - Enters a person's mind to know what they're dreaming and maybe even control their dreams

      Personality alteration - Forget mind control if you can permanently alter parts of a person's mind; turn a bad person good. Change their opinions and beliefs. Make someone like you. 

      Power negation - Reaches into that part of one's mind that controls others' abilities

      Paralysis - Paralyze a person's body by freezing their mental functions

      Sleep inducement - Flipping a switch in one's mind in order to induce sleep

      Mind switching - Swap the minds of two individuals. Or yours with anothers.

      Consciousness transferral - Upload your consciousness into another's body; allows you to survive death

      Downloading and uploading - Transfer knowledge from one mind to another. Forget reading minds during an exam when you can telepathically absorb it all

      Quite a number of other psychic abilities originate from telepathy. It's highly underrated and underpowered. 

      It allows you to kill from a great distance. Like in X-Men 2: United, when Charles Xavier was hooked onto Cerebro and attacked everyone's minds.

      You only have to be able to pick up the presence of a mind by reading it from wherever you are, depending on your power range, in order to reach into it and do whatever you want. 

      Can't think of any other telepathic ability at the moment but it's really that awesome.

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    • What were his other abilites though, by the way? Imagine how easy it'd have been to mind control criminals or drop them unconscious or force them to be good.

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    • Wow that is an awesome list. Far as I know, Toby just had mind reading and that was it. It would have made the show more interesting.

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    • Well, in this series it is actually medically explained that over-using his abilities causes too many electrical charges in his mind. They explain it more like a concept of evolution and not just "that's how it is, so deal with it" - where you don't get an explanation. It feels more realistic this way than X-Men, but yet again; X-Men is more fantasy than what "The Listener" is.

      It's like: here is this guy where evolution has taken quite a leap, but his ability is still bound by science and the limitation of a human mind. His ability was also most likely passed down by his mother's genes - and not some dumb luck or inexplainable way. It feels more realistic this way.

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