• So how are all of you liking season 5 of The Listener? What was your favorite moments? What do you think needs some improvement? What do you want to see happen this season?

    I thought it was interesting to bring Brian Becker back into the fold to stir up some trouble for Toby. Also they are finally touching on Toby's past.

    What was your favorite and least favorite episode so far?

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    • Thank you for starting this discussion cause we really need to talk about what's happening. This is a big deal. I thought all hope was lost but I am confused and I don't know what to think. I wish they would tell us: yes. We will go there. We will have that explored(finally) but this way, Idk what to expect. I think it was a great idea to bring Brian Becker back(immediately, I thought: season 1!. Better ever than never, right? :). This(Family secrets) was my favorite episode. And my favorite momet would be the ending scene, when Tia gets a call from a mysterious man(I wish I knew the name of the actor!) What an ending. Yeah, they coud've ended that episode like Tia said:dead end. But no. Looks like they finally decided and remembered that season 1 exists. That everything has happened! I am so excited about the next episode. Maybe Toby goes to meet that man or sth and gets drugged?..Idk...

      What I would change: Well, of course: more of Toby's past. That's not new :D. Other than that: the show is very predictable. It need more of moments like the one in "Family Secrets", the ending. I wasn't expecting it to end that way. You just know everything is gonna be ok and you're the end of your seat. It would be nice to see a villain, one connected to Toby's past, or one like Magnus, more stuff connected to Toby and his power. He is the main character, right? But, every season we get only 5% of him...I would bring back more character FROM SEASON 1: Ray, Frank Cardea, Iris?...

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