The Listener
Season 5, Episode 1
Listener 501
Air date May 26, 2014
Written by Peter Mohan
Directed by Bradley Walsh
Episode Guide
Fatal Vision
The Lockup
The Wrong Man is the premiere episode of fifth season of The Listener.


Toby and Dev investigate a serial killer who leaves live snakes with his victims, echoing the calling card of a past culprit  who Michelle had previously put behind bars. Meanwhile, Michelle is trying to enjoy her maternity leave with her new baby girl and husband Adam but when her credibility is doubted with the suggestion that she may have arrested the wrong suspect, she must return to the IIB in order to save her professional reputation.






  • Alvin Klien is written off due to Peter Stebbings' busy schedule.
  • There is a time jump between Fatal Vision and The Wrong Man that is about 9 months and over. Thus Michelle's pregnancy was off screen.


The Listener - Season 5 Premiere Teaser02:39

The Listener - Season 5 Premiere Teaser

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