The Listener
Season Switch, Episode 6
Listener W6
Air date September 12, 2012
Episode Guide
Episode Five
The sixth and final episode of The Listener's web series Switch.


Toby must rescue Oz from the clutches of Kitty and her henchman. Can Toby save the day without the help of his powers?


Seeing Oz captured, Toby quickly makes a plan to save rush. Toby sends Oz a message to distract the minions while Toby sneaks in and saves the day. Toby makes noise outside the door and the big goon goes to check it out. While Toby uses this moment of opportunity, Oz distracts the boss as Toby comes up from behind. Toby successfully knocks out the boss by karate chopping him, but does not see Kitty behind him with a gun. Kitty holds Toby hostage as she examines the contents of the brief case. Oz uses the opportunity to escape and knock out her with a wine bottle. Toby thanks Oz for the save.

After those events, Oz went to try his luck out in Las Vegas, but no success. He was crashing at Toby's for a bit due to work being done in his place. Toby asks what Oz is still doing in his place, and Oz responds that hes helping Toby adjust to normal life. Toby mentions that he is doing fine with normal life as Oz fiddles with the toaster. With the toaster malfunctioning, Oz decides to stick a fork into the toaster, and Toby notices this and rushes to unplug it. Both Oz and Toby are jolted and fall to the ground. They get back on their feet and Toby notices that he has his ability back.



This ends the run of the web series. With this, the credits for the whole series runs at the end.

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