The Listener
Season Switch, Episode 5
Listener W5
Air date September 5, 2012
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Episode Four
Episode Six
The fifth episode in The Listener's web series Switch.


While Toby interrogates an accomplice, Oz attempts to seduce Kitty in order to learn the truth. It doesn't go as planned…


Toby manages to finds Gage Tanner and brings him to IIB for questioning. Toby finds out that Gage was tricked by Kitty and she had taken the mircochip. Gage also reveals that he thought that Kitty loved him and goes on a rant about how his father should spank him.

So Oz decides to confront Kitty but in a different way. Oz and Kitty are making out, and then Kitty asks Oz to go freshen up. In the bathroom, Oz pulls off his shirt and then tells Toby via the wire hes wearing hes going off the grid. Then he rips off the mic. When he returns, Oz finds Kitty waiting for him with wine. Oz drinks all his wine and begins to kiss Kitty when he gets a read. Oz finds out that Kitty is planning to murder Gage and frame Oz for it. Oz confronts her about it, but soon finds himself drugged. Oz soons goes unconcious and Kitty explains shes doing it because she can.


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