Scotty Furmanek
Scotty Furmanek
Season 4
Appearance Caged In
Affiliation Margo Furmanek (Mother)

Ian Furmanek (Brother)

Status Deceased
Actor Elias Theodorou
Scotty Furmanek was a promising MMA fighter until his unfortunate death.


Scotty comes from a line of MMA champions and was set to become another himself. He soon got tired of his mother's spending and discover she was spending some of his money to cover her debts. Scotty soon planned to leave the league and move to another when he won his fight againist Diego Baptiste.

During the fight, Scotty appears to have the upper hand, but during the break his mouthguard is changed to a different one, that happened to be drugged. Moments into the fight Scotty begins to feel the effects of the drug and put into a chokehold by Diego. He losses conciousness while thinking "what did you do?" and later passes away.


In real life, Elias Theodorou is an actual MMA fighter.

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