Ross Miller
Placeholder person
Season 2
Appearance Inner Circle
Affiliation Scott O'Neill (Partner)
Status Deceased
Actor Richard Fagon
Ross Miller was a detective working in the anti-gang unit of the Metro Police.


Little is known about Ross' history. He is married to Emily Miller and later on in his marriage he became to hit his wife due to the drugs. He soon became a detective to the Anti-Gang unit and was partnered with Scott O'Neill. Eventually the two landed in themselves in drug racketeering and began making money off it.

When they make a big amount of money, Ross and Scott head to a cop bar where they bump into Toby and Oz. They begin to play a game of pool together and Ross gives Toby money for a pitcher of beer. While Toby is getting the beer, Ross goes to the bathroom to do some drugs, but ends up overdosing. He later dies in hospital.