The Listener
Season The Toby Logan Files, Episode 1
Loganfiles Ep1
Air date June 2014
Written by James Hurst
Directed by James Hurst
Episode Guide
Report 2 - Ryder
The first episode of the webseries The Toby Logan Files.


Becker’s suspicion of Toby reaches a tipping point and he launches a covert investigation, starting with former IIB boss Alvin Klein.


Brian Becker decides to dig into Toby's past in order to figure out how he does what he does. So he goes through the IIB's case files and decides to give Klein a call about Toby using Skype. Klein answers from his post in Paris, and Becker begins asking questions about Toby and the unit's success. Becker reveals he has been reading up on Klein's past and Klein also reveals he has read into Becker's as well.

Klien knows about Marks, and Becker's vendetta againist Toby for it. Klein also reveals a case that Becker had againist a mayor candidate that didn't end well. Klein finishes by telling Becker to not to make Toby his next case since it won't end well. Becker finishes the call with Klein and continues with his investigation into Toby.



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