The Listener
Season 1, Episode 6
Listener 106
Air date April 07, 2009
Written by Jeremy Boxen
Directed by Clément Virgo
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Lisa Says
Foggy Notion is the sixth episode of Season 1 of The Listener.


After Toby and Oz attend to a gunfire fight in Chinatown which leaves two dead, Toby helps Kim Chu, a blind woman whose brother Raymond is one of the murder victims. While helping Kim adjust to being alone and trying to find out who killed her brother, Toby discovers that the murder may be linked to a Chinese crime boss and that Raymond may have been involved in human smuggling.




  • Toby Logan
  • Olivia Fawcett
  • Osman "Oz" Bey
  • Detective Charlie Marks


  • Det. Sgt. Brian Becker
  • George Ryder


  • Ryder: I spent the last 25 years of this job essentially trying to avoid anything that even smells like grief. And it's taken you only six months to turn my life upside down!
    Oz: At least we're fast.

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