The Listener
Season 3, Episode 3
Listener 303
Air date June 13, 2012
Written by James Hurst
Directed by Farhad Mann
Episode Guide
Cold Case Blues
The Taking
Curtain Call is the third episode of season 3 of The Listener.


When the life of a superstar performer is threatened, Toby poses as her assistant to watch her back and help the Special Ops Unit investigate.





Featured Music Edit

"Too Melodic" by Maestro Fresh Wes (Featuring Suzka)



  • Olivia: Oz, finding an apartment is brutal, especially with your criteria.
    Oz: Hey, all I want is a nice one bedroom apartment in a cool area with a pool and a fireplace and a tenant's only gym and a 24-hour concierge.
    Olivia: Look, my one bedroom apartment has no pool, no fireplace and the area is certainly not cool and I still pay $1,250 a month.
    Oz: OK, I can budge on the fireplace.

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