Bridgit Connoly
Bridgit Connoly
Season 4
Appearance The Long Con
Affiliation Jimmy Foster (Mentor/Father)
Status Alive
Actor Gina Holden
Bridgit Connoly is a con artist who uses the IIB for her own purposes.


As a baby, her father left her and her mother, leaving them to fend for themselves. Soon later, her mother passsed on and Bridgit ended up in the foster care system. When she was 19, she meet Jimmy Foster who took her under his wing and taught her the art of conning. They work together for any years and Bridgit later discovers that Jimmy is her father. Then he is killed by "The Shark". So Bridgit decides to pull one con to get her revenge.

In The Long Con, Bridgit steals a very expensive bottle from the Brown's, causing IIB's interaction into the case.

At the end of the episode, she left a red rose and a Queen of hearts card on the grave found by Toby, written, "Rest easy now" and "Love, B" on the card.

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