Bill Wardwell
Bill Wardwell
Season 4
Appearance Love's A Bitch
Affiliation Sandy Wardwell (Daugther)
Status Alive
Actor Stephen McHattie
Bill Wardwell is the father of Sandy Wardwell.


Bill comes to visit Sandy in Toronto and to see if Sandy's new boyfriend is treating her right. He and Sandy go out for lunch and when he comes back, he meets with Oz. Bill assumes that Oz is a nurse, but Oz informs him that he is the department head of the Paramedics. Oz then attempts to talk about cars with Bill, but Bill catches one of Oz's mistakes. This is when Oz pulls out some tickets to a classic car show for him and Bll to go to. Bill accepts despite Oz ditching the play with Sandy to go to the show. Bill leaves to get the car to drive Sandy home.

Later on when Bill comes to meet up with Oz to go to the show, Oz reveals he is not going with Bill, but rather Oz's friend Toby instead. Bill is happy that Oz choose his daughter first and thats what matters. As he is leaving with Toby, Bill asks Toby for some good stories about Oz.

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