The Listener
Season 1, Episode 11
Listener 111
Air date May 12, 2009
Written by Travis McDonald
Directed by Clément Virgo
Episode Guide
My Sister's Keeper
Beginning To See The Light is the eleventh episode of Season 1 of The Listener.


Arriving at the scene of an accident, Toby and Oz unsuccessfully attempt to save the victim. As he is dying, Toby telepathically sees him thinking about a young woman who Toby thinks he was trying to kill. He is backed up by the fact that a gun fell from the man's body when he and Oz picked him up off the street. Toby subsequently finds a picture of the woman on the deceased's body and he and Oz set out to find her before she becomes a murder victim.






  • Toby: Did you throw that turkey at your husband's head, ma'am?
    Unconscious Man's Wife: It's organic.

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